Ryan Is Full Of Curves

The Best Girl To Hang With

Ryan is a Las Vegas escort blessed with Hollywood hot features. She has big sexy eyes and full luscious lips. If her boobs aren't in the 40 inch range, they are very close. She has a Beyonce-like curvy figure and a hefty behind. Ryan is an energetic and fun gal perfect for stepping out with and enjoying the exciting Las Vegas nightlife.

You are a young computer whiz that has been developing software programs since you were a high school kid. Now you're on the verge of achieving something wonderful. But what you must do is convince a bunch of investors that your new program will be a monster hit that will have a major impact on computing. Although you were shaky in the beginning, you eventually pull it off. And wonders of all, the investors buy in. Great!

So now you're floating on a sea of happiness. Tired, but not ready to call it a night. You think about a card your buddy had given you before you left for Las Vegas. Yes! Hire a hot Las Vegas call girl, and fun, fun, fun is just around the corner.

Ryan is the girl that hooks up with computer software guy. Their first stop is a cozy Las Vegas night club that features an eight piece funk band that plays oldies from the likes of Sly and Family Stone and the Ohio Players.

Ryan and computer guy keep the mood upbeat and happy until it's time to go.

Now you're both at a hot dance club that just keeps hitting you with the latest popular dance jams. In her form fitting bright red super mini dress, Ryan is a disco dancing fool. She swings, sways, spins, and bounces in time with the music. If her grinding her butt into computer guy's crotch doesn't put him in an extra happy mood, her pulling off the drop it like it's hot move will take him there, and make him want to stay on the dance floor forever.

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